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'explains' in Problem definition not adding event to 'Impacts' tab

Hi all,

I've added a model class to the IP repository and everything is working as per the requirement.

But here is what is not working:

problem Server_Down

     => Server_Down_P, Service_Down_P,

     Service_Down_P explains;

this problem is triggers when server and all related services are Down. But the resulting notification only has 'codebook' tab (with Server and Service instance info) but no 'Impacts' tab.

Am'I missing something on config side?

I've tried exporting the underlying problems and events.


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Re: 'explains' in Problem definition not adding event to 'Impacts' tab

maybe this will help someone else in similar situation:

I took hint from this discussion: Re: How to create relationship between two notifications

you need to export the included basic event in order for SAM to see it and make the required Explains, Causes relationships.

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Re: 'explains' in Problem definition not adding event to 'Impacts' tab

Hi Mboparai,

I was attempting to recreate this issue when I saw your update.

Glad to hear it is resolved.

Note that you can also use the sm_adapter utility to see which events the IP domain is currently exporting:

./sm_adapter -s <IP_Domain> --subscribe=.*::.*::.*/pae

In future this should help in trying to figure out why events are not appearing in SAM as expected.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Kind Regards,

Paul O'Rourke

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