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export devices from SMARTs

What would be the best way to export all devices from the SMARTs topology?

We are running our system on Windows 2008 ENT.

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Re: export devices from SMARTs


There really is only one way to export the topology from a Smarts domain outside of the RPS file.  That method is to create a seedfile from the current topology.  In order to create a seedfile from the current topology you will need to have access to that host that the Smarts IP software is installed and running on.

If you this access you can navigate to <base dir>/IP/smarts/bin and run the command:

./sm_tpmgr -s <Smarts IP domain name> --dump-agents  > <seed file name>

The seed file will be a plain text file containing the IP addresses of the devices in the topology and their SNMP data/credentials.  This command can be found in the EMC knowledge-base article https://support.emc.com/kb/49684.

The only other option is the <base dir>/IP/smarts/local/repos/icf/<domain name>.rps file.  This is binary file that MUST NOT be opened in Windows.  It is where all the data for your Smarts IP domain is saved.  Opening this file will corrupt it and make it completely unusable in a Windows environment.  It does contain a copy of your topology inside of it.

In most cases the best option to use is the seed file, depending on what you are doing sometimes the RPS is a better option, but no often.

I hope this answers your question.



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Re: export devices from SMARTs

Also look at SM_HOME/IP/smarts/rules/utils/ic_dumpsys.asl (Comments have documentation)

Not sure how the output generated by it is usable though...

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Re: export devices from SMARTs


These scripts are mainly for support purposes when we are attempting to recreate a customer issue and we want to see exactly what Smarts IP has discovered about a device and what instrumentations have been applied.

The correct way to run the command is:

sm_adapter.exe --model=sm_dumpsys -b <BrokerIP>:<BrokerPort> -s <DomainName> -Dipaddr=<DeviceIPAddress> -DprintClass=TRUE -DshowAll=TRUE ../rules/utils/ic_dumpsys.asl

We can then load the output into an existing Smarts IP domain, to recreate exactly what the customer is seeing and therefore, recreate the issue in our lab environment.

Sean post above is correct regarding exporting the list of devices from Smarts IP to a seedfile:

Navigate to the bin and run the command:

sm_tpmgr.exe -s <SmartsIPDomain> --dump-agents <SeedName>

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Kind Regards,

Paul O'Rourke

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Re: export devices from SMARTs

Thanks. A supported version and import functionality would be useful...

Seedfiles are useless if the devices are down and can't be rediscovered. This means that, in order to not loose alarms for devices that have stayed down, they need to be kept in their current domains (which means modifying TSM not to delete devices until they have been discovered elsewhere) and it is not possible to start with a completely blank topology.

A non-discovery based tool to move devices would likely also allow for much easier re-balancing of a split topology. (SplitFromScratch currently wither means very messy domains filled with isolated devices that are down (with no-delete-until-discovered-elsewhere modifications) or use complains about valid alarms disappearing (with stock TSM))

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