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sm_migrate.pl migration script returns "low disk space" error


I'm trying to migrate SAM 7.2 Windows 2003 to a new host SAM 9.1 Windows 2008 R2. I managed to run the migration script (sm_migrate) on the old server and produce a backup.zip file.

After moving the backup.zip file to the new SAM 9.1 host, I ran the sm_migrate.pl script to restore the custom config files and it return with "low disk space" error. I have 1.61TB free space on the specified drive.

D:\InCharge\SAM\smarts\bin>sm_perl sm_migrate.pl --archive=D:\InCharge\SAM\smarts\backup.zip --new=D:\InCharge\SAM\smarts

Directories Entered:
        Archive File Location: <D:\InCharge\SAM\smarts\backup.zip>
        New Install Location: <D:\InCharge\SAM\smarts>

Error: Required Space=159.272437095642 MB ; Available Disk Space=0 Mb

Error: Low Disk Space.

Anyone has any suggestion?


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Re: sm_migrate.pl migration script returns "low disk space" error

Hi FauzanA,

I was able to reproduce the same issue as you.  This error was displayed when I ran the command prompt with non administrator privileges.  Before opening the command prompt window, right click and "Run As Administrator."  Then it should operate with no issues, or at least it did for me.


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