Files on Recovery Partition equal Recovery Image?

Hey Everyone! Maybe you guys can help me with some of my questions.

Are the files on the recovery partition of my new xps13 equal to the ones I got on my recovery stick, which I created with the recovery image from the dell-website?

The xps13 came with four partitions. One with the OS. Second, I assume the 12 GB one, has got the recovery files on it. What's the use of the other two smaller ones?

I want to delete all the partitions and create two new ones. Can I reinstall Windows with the recovery stick on one of the new partitions?

Is it possible to recreate the factory settings with the recovery stick; meaning, all the original partitions and windows?

Thanks in advance Smiley (fröhlich)


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RE: Files on Recovery Partition equal Recovery Image?


The recovery partition and the OS download options is not the same thing!

The recovery option reinstalls the OS with all the drivers. After the recovery process the unit looks like you got it from factory.

The OS download is primary an OS restore option. It doesn´t install preinstalled software or drivers.

I didn´t know anything about the fourth partition. The third one is for the OS boot. You find a description of it here.



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