Avería cabina Dell Powervault MD3000i

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Tenemos este error en la cabina de discos MD3000i:

Impeding Drive Failure (Medium Data Availability Risk)

Impending Drive Failure (Medium Data Availability Risk)

What Caused the Problem?

A drive is reporting internal errors that could cause the drive to fail. If this drive fails, the logical drives in the array will become degraded. The Recovery Guru Details area provides specific information you will need as you follow the recovery steps.

 Caution: Possible loss of data accessibility. If a Logical Drive - Hot Spare in Use failure is also displayed in the Summary area, always fix the Impending Drive Failure first. Fixing the Logical Drive - Hot Spare in Use failure before fixing the Drive Failure may result in the loss of data accessibility.

 Caution: Electrostatic discharge can damage sensitive components. Always use proper antistatic protection when handling components. Touching the components without using a proper ground may damage the equipment.

Important Notes

The affected logical drives are RAID 1, 3, or 5. If the drive fails, you may lose redundancy. If a second drive fails in the same array, you may lose data accessibility. You should correct this problem as soon as possible.

Because the drive has not failed, its fault indicator light will not be turned on.

Make sure the replacement drive has a capacity equal to or greater than the drive you will remove.

You can replace the drive while the logical drives associated with the affected drive are receiving I/O.

Recovery Steps


Do one of the following:

You can manually fail, remove, and replace the drive now. To do this, continue with step 2.


You can take no further action and wait for the affected drive to fail. You can then run Recovery Guru and fix the failure reported. You need to do nothing more in this procedure.


Check the status of the logical drives associated with the affected drive (the logical drives are shown in the Details area of Recovery Guru) by clicking the Arrays & logical drives link on the Summary tab.

All logical drives should be Optimal    before continuing with this procedure.

If any logical drives in the array currently show Operation in Progress  , wait for all logical drives to change to Optimal before continuing.

If the logical drives change from Operation in Progress to any status other than Optimal, click the Recheck button to rerun the Recovery Guru, Fix these problems first and then return to this procedure.


Perform the following steps to manually fail the affected drive:


Open a Command Prompt, and type the following command:

SMcli -n <storageSubsystem_name>;

where storageSubsystem_name is the name of the storage subsystem listed in the Details area.

Note: If you receive an error from this command, change your working directory to the directory that contains the SMcli executable.


Execute the following command to manually fail a drive in an array:

set drive [trayID, slotID] operationalState=failed;  where enclosure_ID is the enclosure ID for the enclosure where the drive resides and slot_ID is the slot position within the enclosure.


The commands above are case-sensitive, and must be entered exactly as shown.

The associated logical drives become Degraded after the drive is failed.


Remove the failed drive (its fault indicator light should be on).


Wait 30 seconds, then insert the new drive. The drive's fault indicator light may be lit for a short time (one minute or less).


Click the Recheck button to rerun the Recovery Guru. The failure should no longer appear in the Summary area. If the failure appears again, contact your technical support representative.

Uno de los discos SCSI de 600GB tiene el led que alternativamente cambia de color verde a naranja.

Deberíamos poder confirmar si el disco está averiado y pasarnos presupuesto para cambiar el disco



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