Best practice ES1 server Bin-Logs and Work directory partition size

Hi everybody,

I would like to share your experience, best practises knowledges about sizing ES1 server partion isize n particular :



As I know Bin&Logs is only mentioned in Install manuals on which is sized 100 Gb .

Work directory partition size is normally sized 100 Gb, as it happens also inside last recent Alinean ES1 sizing report update.

That means adding an OS partition more or less 250 Gb for each ES1 server

If you install ES1 on physical server it's not a problem because at least you have a RAID 1 300 Gb available to put everyhting inside.

But many customer has already a VMWare infrastrucure so asking 250 Gb for each vm, especially for big company could mean also more then a 1 Tb sun disk only for vm just to start and then add all other capicity neeeded for SQL,index and volumes.

If you ask thin disk you could loose in performance, but if you asked thick disk you're asking a company to sacrifice a lot of precious sun storage for partition area which customer will hardy find full of data.

So it would be good to have some guideline to limit both ES1 partions to what is really necessary at least for VMWare enviroment.

About Bin&Logs I notices that by default ES1 create a separete logs for each individual service and activity process, normally size with max limit 100 Mb and circular logging fixed to 10 version.

So each different logs could grow maximum 10 x 1 Gb each.

So depending on how many ES1 modules are installed inside the same server using default setting you must multiply then number of different logs for 1 Gb.

You can adjust max log size and # of version using regedit keys for each logs.

Then add some Gbs more for ES1 bin

In any case it's something you can control and predict.

For Working directory partion, for which is normally required 100 Gb, I hardly notice files in it, excluding some empty directory.

It should be used only as a temporary area for local ES1 process, but I don't understand whne it could happen you need a 100 Gb space.

Could anyone share his experience and knowledge about this issue ?

I think it could be useful to size well ES1 server partition expecially when it's important to  comunicate a correct vm requirements for ES1 services.

Thanks in advanced

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Re: Best practice ES1 server Bin-Logs and Work directory partition size

The numbers EMC uses is to be sure you don't run into disk space issues with these drives.

I personally Install SourceOne on it's own 50GB partition including installation downloaded files and all other software loaded on the server specifically for  SourceOne.

I also install the SQL Management console there for use during troubleshooting.

SourceOne logs are stored on this drive and when put into Debug mode for troubleshooting can consume all of that space and I have seen it happen.

The Work directory is used as a temporary space for a few different scenarios.

The temp files for Centera writing are placed there in some part of the write cycle.

It is also used during writing if the MsgCtr drive is full or unaccessable.

I believe it's also used if the Index Drive is full when trying to write.

It's basically used as a tempory location for work that is performed on that server until it can write to the shared drives.

I typically thin provision the Working Directory and make it 50 or 100 GB depending whether Centera is in use or not.

Both of these drives can be smaller if you want to monitor their use and allocated more space when necessary.

Remember the IOPS requirements for those drives is small and can be put on relatively inexpensive SATA Drives.


Re: Best practice ES1 server Bin-Logs and Work directory partition size

Hi Gary,

thanks again for your reply.

I think you gave me reasonable and good reccomandations that I totally agree.

Maybe 50 Gb  each, except if Centera is involved, sound as a good balance.