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Change Centera Pool Address in Archive Folder


When SourceOne was setup we only had a couple of access nodes on Centera so only the DNS names for two access nodes was added to the pool address field in the archive folder. I now need to add a further two access nodes but when I look at the archive folder settings, the pool address field is greyed out?

How can I change the pool address details? is this greyed out as the service is running?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Re: Change Centera Pool Address in Archive Folder

Hi David -

Assuming the 2 new access nodes are on the same Centera, you do not need any additional configuration in the client app to make use of them. During connection setup with Centera the Centera SDK receives a complete list of primary and replica access nodes and proceeds to automatically use all of them.

In fact there are situations (typically split networks or malfunctioning nodes) where one would like to disable this behavior but it is hardcoded.

Best Regards,

Mike Horgan

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