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Previewing activity job

Dear S1 experts!

Our customer is using S1 7.2 with email archiving.

It is a new environment and customer want to know how many space is

required to store the data.Activity jobs doesnt runs in productive mode now.

Is it any solution to PREVIEW the

- archiving task and

- shorcut task

and check how many data will be affected in a particilar action?

How many space is saved or moved?

I know that the job details contains the task info,

but it is only after when the job is finished and really do the task not

preview the task.Thanks in advance!


Pal Szabo

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Re: Previewing activity job

SoureOne does not have a preview activity to project results of any activity. Best case would be effective estimations, but this will be highly affected by the conditions of the activity.

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