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Shortcut Restore failed for message


we did RESTORE SHORTCUT job for mailbox and several messages has not been recovered - in event log is contained errors:

Shortcut Restore failed for message, Subject: Subject  , Received Date: 2010-11-11T07:03:21,  Message Class: 65, From: N/A, Message Id: 4E477335993A89E9096349AE1BF2B52E4FE79585E2102D2F00 Error Code: 0x8604271F (0x8604110C) [EmcShortcutRestoreJBC.exe, CEmcShortcutRestoreThread.cpp(189).CEmcShortcutRestoreThread::Run]

Job Id : 363304

Activity Name : documents

Activity Id : 1243

Activity Type : 33

We tried to find this message in Search, but there cannot be restored as well and also "No preview available" message instead of message content.

Can anyone help or advise?




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Re: Shortcut Restore failed for message

Hi Jan,

In this case I would recommend you to work with EMC technical support for SourceOne. They could take these messageIDs and check in SQL which volumes they belong to and if those volumes are healthy. They will also check verbose logs from the jobs to see what was printed in them. Those logs are very details and provides insight into what is happening at each step.

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Re: Shortcut Restore failed for message

Can you extract the file from the EMX with Objectviewer?

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Re: Shortcut Restore failed for message

Here are a few possibilities:

1. The message is no longer in the archive (deleted either by administrative delete or automatic disposition of messages past retention). Check if archive folder has a retention on it and automatic delete is enabled.

2. Message is corrupt in volume.

3. Volume is offline or not accessible.

Run the query below to locate volume and path of volume.

Select v.volumename, v.currentuncpath from volume v

join foldermessage fm on fm.volumeid = v.volumeid

where fm.messageid = 0X993A89E9096349AE1BF2B52E4FE79585E2102D2F00

group by v.volumename, v.currentuncpath

use objectviewer to open the emx file from the currentuncpath if emx file exist and locate the message using the full messageid from the error message.

Open a service request for further assistance if the above does not lead you to the root cause.



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