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SourceOne 6.7 Shortcut Removal

I inherited an older 6.7 SourceOne platform and I am not sure on how to remove shortucts from users mailboxes. 

Do I need to create a new Policy or Job?

Additionally can this be done to just a few users or do I need to run it on the entire mailbox database?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: SourceOne 6.7 Shortcut Removal


You can restore shortcut emails for a mailbox, multiple mailboxes, mailboxes in a group, mailboxes on a exchange DB, mailboxes on a exchange server or mailboxes selected with help of LDAP queries . Further you can also configure shortcut restore activity to restore emails based on different criteria should you like not to restore everything in user mailbox.

Activity within SourceOne Admin Console is called "Restore Shortcuts - Historical & User Directed Archive activity" that is needed to restore shortcuts in mailboxes on Exchange/Notes servers.

Please follow DELL EMC SourceOne Email Management Administration guide. It has chapter that explains different activities and options within.

Note: You are running older version of SourceOne. Latest version at this stage is 7.2.SP4. We would recommend you to upgrade if you can. Instructions are provided within DELL EMC SourceOne Installation Guide.

Documentation can be downloaded using https://support.emc.com/ website.

If you run into any issue while restoring shortcuts, please contact DELL EMC SourceOne support.

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