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SourceOne Archiving and VNXe

Hello Community Members:

Please, could you help me to know if can use with SourceOne Archiving as Source  VNXe3300 and Target as well ? ... I´m asking, because in the SourceOne Compatibility Guide mentions VNX, but it´s not clear for me.. if VNXe is included.

Thank you for all your comments about.

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Re: SourceOne Archiving and VNXe

Hi OctavioGM,

When you say source, I am right to assume that you plan on use SourceOne for Files product or you are going to use SourceOne Email Management or both?

Would you be using VNXe for Message Center, Indexes or volumes (archive, or in other words final destination for data) or everything?

SourceOne supports UNC paths/file shares for many purposes and supports file shares which can come from SAN/NAS/LocalAttached disks/clustered storage. Which is why it gets important to find out what you query is exactly relates to.

If you create a file share and attach to a server for SourceOne to process or use for storing data, SourceOne should not have any trouble because it would treat it like any other file share. You find reference to certain other platforms because there are specific actions tied to those e.g. for Centera we have to have library from centera to be used and then certain options on centera to be supported (compliance locks, clipID info and so on). Same way for other storage times there are specific operations that could be done on them which is why they have specific support and the ways to configure them within SourceOne.

I think best would be for you to get all the details and then engage DELL EMC SourceOne support so that they could evaluate your use case and provide recommendations. 

Best regards,

Rajan Katwal

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