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SourceOne - Backup / Resume Scripts

A customer of mine has SourceOne Email / Archive / DM / Supervisor running in their environment. 

They are using a set of EMC scripts(attached) to execute this backup of their SourceOne File System through Networker which is later saved on a NAS device (NS480). 3-Way NDMP is used.

Whether the script succeeds or fails no logs are being generated by the script.

1. Why are logs not being generated?

2. How can they obtain output information that can show status and/or exit and/or reason codes?



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Re: SourceOne - Backup / Resume Scripts

The scripts that are provided are functional sample scripts that are meant to be used as a template by a scripting resource. Customers / end users / scripting guys / backup administrators are encouraged to customize the scripts to fit their needs to include the functionality that you described.

EMC provides the scripts with minimal customization because of the variety of backup software and SQL interaction that our customer base uses. To limit the scripts for use with EMC backup software alone would not fit the needs of all SourceOne customers.

I have installed SourceOne at several sites, and there are many customers have added the very customization that you are asking about. I am hoping that one of them will see your message and share their additions / changes / modifications with you. I would offer my own assistance, but I am not yet a strong "scripting guy," but if there is any additional assistance that I can provide you, please let me know.

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Re: SourceOne - Backup / Resume Scripts


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