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minimizing the size of a shortcut


Is anyone aware of a way of restricting the size of a shortcut in Sourceone?

Running a comparison to EAS, on average the shortcuts are half the size again of the EAS shortcuts. E.g. original mail body - 25kb, EAS reduces it to 7kb and Sourceone has it somewhere around 16kb.

This doesn't seem a lot on individual messages but makes a big difference to the mailbox size overall.

I am shortcutting the message body and attachments for all size messages. Are there any advanced options that will reduce the size further?


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Re: minimizing the size of a shortcut


SourceOne allows message body, inline images and attachments to be shortcutted. When message body if shortcutted that gets changes with HTML information that shows links. This information is cutomizable. Prefferable try not to shortcut messages that do not have attachments. Following is some justification why:

1. Depending upon the version of exchange you are running , size of messages on exchange is different due to the page sizes used. In Exchange 2010 page size increase to someone around 3 time in comparison to 2007 and 2003. There are some Microsoft Articles that explains this in detail.

2. If you shortcut message body,if your policy allows sync on mobile devices to be as old that meets shortcut criteria then users will have to pull messages using links which are called UURL. If you only shortcut attachments or inline images then body will be read without pulling from ES1 Archive and users and pull attachment and inline images using links provided.

3. Same point mentioned above will be able to machines without offline access e.g. MacBooks.

4. Some messages may be quite small in body, you could be swapping those with one from SourceOne with HTML body and links. Especially due to point 1 above, even when we shortcut body we might not be claiming back much in white space.

I hope this helps in some way.



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