Project Sputnik Introduction and list of recent fixes

The Dell XPS 13 laptop, developer edition began life as “Project Sputnik” a scrappy skunk works project to pilot a developer-focused system. Thanks to the amazing feedback and support we received from the Community it became an official product.

Today our XPS 13 developer edition offering has expanded from one system configuration to four. We’ve also added a line-up of five Ubuntu-based Dell Precision mobile workstations.  

It’s also thanks to the power of the Community that this project has continued to grow and remains vibrant today.  In support of the Dell Community, here is a list of fixes for some issues that have come up on the Dell Community Forums:  

Precision 5510 with Ubuntu 14.04 installed unable to login after the nVidia driver updates


Updating to the Latest Ubuntu Kernel for on an OEM Dell Image May Disable Some Components


XPS 13 (9360): Touchscreen non-functional after resume with Ubuntu 16.04


Flickering video when using the Chromium web browser in the Ubuntu 16.04 operating system


Erratic cursor movement on the XPS 9360 with Ubuntu 16.04 installed


XPS 13 9360 Ubuntu: Killer N1535 Wireless Manual Firmware Update



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RE: Project Sputnik Introduction and list of recent fixes

Nice, thanks. Do you have any article how to fix XPS 9360 and WD15 dock compatibility? Even after BIOS update and check that I have latest NVM firmware I can connect display (via DP) only once after boot. If I'll connect it second time - laptop will just freeze

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RE: Project Sputnik Introduction and list of recent fixes


I have a brand new Dell Precision 5520. Is the information in this thread applicable for it?

I have the "Erratic cursor movement" with touchpad and i tried the workaround from above. It did not work.