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Installed Trial

I currently have a trial license and would like to know the following:

1) Can the vapp (Analytics VM and UI VM) be installed on another instance on vCenter than the one you want to monitor?

2) How do I import other xml dashboards?

3) It seems all the reporting functions are locked, is this not included in the trial license. I currently have a trial license for the adapter and VCOps.


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Re: Installed Trial

1.  Yes, you can install the vApp on any vCenter.  In the administration interface of vCOPS you will add the vCenter(s) you want to monitor.  

2.  When you log into the vcops-custom page you can import dashboards there, but ESA includes many custom dashboards for VNX and VMAX.

3.  I am unaware of any restrictions around reporting in vcops-custom for ESA with the trial license. 

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Re: Installed Trial

3. Maybe you haven't yet installed the EMC Adapter for vCenter Server and / or the Storage Arrays? You need to add vCenter in the (vcops-custom/ GUI through Environment->Configuration->Adapter Instances. Be aware that vC Ops is connected to your vCenter Server on initial deployment, but for the correlation between vCenter Server and Storage Arrays you need to add it once more through this way selecting the "EMC Adapter" and add the involved vCenter Server.

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