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Storage Analytics with Unity


I have a customer who is interested in purchasing a Unity array but has some queries regarding integration with VMware and specifically vRealize. They would like to be able to monitor and analyze the array using vRealize and need to know what the capabilities are and what the requirements from a vRealize licensing perspective are.

I have been advised and as per the Unity Base Software can see that the following is included and so cannot be licensed separately: EMC Storage Analytics Adapter for VMware® vRealize™

I just wanted to confirm that this included adapter is sufficient to allow vRealize to monitoring / analyze a Unity system without requiring any additional software / installations.

Could I assume that the ESA license would therefore be included / provided for free for a Unity customer?

Many thanks in advance for the assistance.



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Re: Storage Analytics with Unity

Hi Richard,

Yes, Unity license for ESA is shipped together with Unity array.  Basically, when you add the unity adapter instance in ESA, we will check the ESA license on Unity array and you could leave the license field in ESA adapter instance empty.

When you click "test connection" in ESA, you should be able to receive a test success message box which means you could add the Unity adapter instance in ESA.

Hope it answer your question.



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