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vROPS 6.1 ESA 3.4


About to try the ESA 3.4 Adapter. We already have a vcenter adapter configured, do I need to configure a second under the EMC adapter ?

We have VNX Unified storage, how should I configure the instance ?

Management IP on SP or Control station ?

Connection type ?

Credentials on what ?


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Re: vROPS 6.1 ESA 3.4


You'll need to configure at least 2 EMC adapter instances - one or two for VNX (file, block or both) and one for the vCenter.  You'll also need the vCenter configured under the VMware adapter.  Starting on page 29 of the install guide are the steps to configure the adapters:  https://support.emc.com/docu62596_Storage_Analytics_3.4_Installation_and_User_Guide.pdf

Note you will need a license for the VNX (trial or full) or you will be unable to configure the adapter instance.



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