Access denied to E: drive - refer to Administrator

This is my first time on the Dell Forum.  I have an Inspiron 640M notebook - year old.  Recently the Sonic Activation Module kept popping up on start up.  Spoke to Dell Tech on Monday (2 hrs!!) and they got rid of this, but subsequently now I cannot access any of my CDs which I use to back up my data on - keeps coming up "access denied to e drive- refer to administrator".  Spoke again with Dell Tech and afer a further 5 hrs on the phone over two days - they cannot resolve it.  They are sending our a technician tomorrow to reset the laptop, which I am not too happy about as I have to reload all my software etc.  Also I am living in France and I wanted all my operating system and software in English - hence I ordered the laptop from Dell UK and got charged £80.00 for the delivery to France!!  Has anyone had this problem and is there any quick solution rather than resetting the laptop.
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