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Booting Issue

I am having an booting issues with my Dell Inspirion 1520/Vista laptop, when I start up the computer it wont load past the loading screen. The screen will show a green status bar and Microsoft Corporation but it stays in this mode for about 10 minutes before repeat restarting and repeating the same thing again. I have tried to start it in safe mode but it loads up to crbdisk.sys before freezing and opening the laucnhing page which again freezes. I have also tried to boot from the cd/dvd but this doesn’t seem to work either. 
Any solutions to this problem? 
Thank you 
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Hi Jacinta,

This could be a problem with the hard drive or your operating system. Let's try testing the drive first, but to do this, you need to boot to your Dell drivers and utilites disc. To test your hard drive using your Dell Drivers and Utilities disc:
1. Reboot your system. When you see the Dell logo, hit F12 to enter the boot menu.
2. Insert the Dell Drivers and Utilities disc in your CD/DVD drive.
3. Pick the option to boot from the CD/DVD drive.
4. You will be prompted to hit any key to continue booting from the CD/DVD drive.
5. You will be prompted to hit 1 to run the Dell diagnostics. You may see two such menus.
6. Select Test System.
7. Select Custom Test.
7. Use the arrow keys or mouse to select your hard drive.
9. Click Run Tests.
10. Write down any error messages.

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