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Broken pin on Hard Drive

My latitude stopped working the other week and when I went to try and use the hard drive with a caddy to connect it to another pc the drive began to make all the right sounds but wasn't being recognised by the new pc. On closer examination one of the connector pins has broken (in the middle of the two rows).
Is there anything I can do now to retrieve info and files from this hard drive even like taking parts from another old drive or is it pretty much wrecked?
Thanks for any advice.
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Re: Broken pin on Hard Drive

I dont know if aply but all the hard drives dont have a pin on the midle ..or least most of them all my are that not a computer tech but i read if you are able to to take the disk off the drive and instal on a similar drive you will have accest to the files in there...the trick is dont use a regular screwdriver...if you tring like i did use a adapter to use it on your home pc it didnt work for me either
even know they are ok. but when i exchange hard drives on my two dell cpi they work fine even know they have diferent procesors..
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Re: Broken pin on Hard Drive

There are pins missing in the middle to indicate keying.
You must jumper the drive to Cable select for it to be "seen"

Hooking the connector backwards almost immediately frys the drive.

Ontrack data recovery usually charges $3500 to recover data from broken drives.
I have a 100 percent success rate with them so its a matter of how much you want the data or not.
Drive savers is another good company for this.  The pin missing below is Normal.

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Re: Broken pin on Hard Drive

the drive im running in my desktop has 2 broken pins. these pins are pen down so they cant be connected anymore because the drive has "been around the block" literally. this drive still function perfectly. Pins = bandwidth. each pin provides a specific amount of bandwidth from the drive to the controller missing pins shouldnt make the drive not boot, if you'd like to do some research on this yourself there are a few good places to find information on the basic operating of your hard drive. and are both great sites to learn about technology. i usually research everything on these 2 sites before i buy, be it a TV or a Toaster.
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