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CD/DVD Drive does not work properly

I recently dropped my Dell Inspiron  6000 on the ground, about a three foot drop, ever since then my CD/DVD drive has not worked properly.  It will not find CD's that I place in the tray, although I was successful at retrieving a digital copy of a DVD that I purchased.  After placing a CD in the tray the drive tries to search the disc and is unable to find it, makes noises while in search for the disc. After discovering that it has not found the disc, within a few seconds, I tried to open the file from the My Computer screen, this only brings up a pop-up that it wants to format the disc.

I believe that it is time for a new CD/DVD drive, a new computer might I add, but I am trying to suck the life back into this for a little while longer.

The CD/DVD drive is manufacture.

Any ideas?

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Re: CD/DVD Drive does not work properly

I checked on the Dell website, but did not see a CD/DVD drive for your model. You might try calling support at 800-357-3355 to see if they have one listed in their data base. I did find the right drive at Discount Electronics for $39.00. Here is the link to it.



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