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Can Best Buy Stores repair dell laptops with a DELL WARRANTY with no charge? HELP

I have a DELL INSPIRON N5040 and im having problems with my hard drive ;

Can someone please verify if it would be possible to repair a laptop at a best

 buy store with a dell warranty at no charge. THANK YOU


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Hi dell computer owner ,

Welcome to Dell Community.

I understand that you want to fix your laptop as soon as possible. Let’s diagnose what is the issue with your laptop and then possible steps to fix that.

Warranty guidelines would not affect until and unless the hardware does not replaced/damaged but would not know about the charges through best buy. My recommendation is to let us work on this issue and if needed we will talk about having service done on this computer.

To run the diagnostics:-

1. Shut down the computer and start pressing F12 multiple times as soon as you turn it on.

2. Choose Option Diagnostics and hit enter. It will take 8-12 minutes and will come up with errors if anything wrong with hardware.

3. Kindly update us with the results / error codes for the diagnostics that we run which will help us further.


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If the system was purchased from Best Buy, yes.  If it wasn't, no - they won't repair it.  

Note that some systems require quite a bit of disassembly to replace a drive - most of the last couple of years' worth of Inspirons are like this - such that a send-out to a repair depot may be required to replace a drive.

Otherwise, you don't need a repair depot - hard drives in many systems are considered user-replaceable.

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