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Cd drive won't close...

I think one night i may have dropped my laptop on its side where the disc drive is. I don't know if this is why this is happening but thought I would include it.

My dics/CD/DVD drive will not close, right now it is open. When i close it it justs bursts open straight away, if i hold it in place the light flashes a couple of times but still when i let go the dirve come out again. Sometimes i do this repeatedly and after a while it may accept it and close, but then when i move my computer at all or press down anywhere near the drive it opens again. I dont use my CD drive much but it is very annoying having it stick out the side of my comp.

Please help me!!!


I have a Dell vostro 1720...

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Re: Cd drive won't close...

Hi Benjikj,

I think it's time for a new drive. You may want to call Dell to see what replacements are available for your model.

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Re: Cd drive won't close...

The one on my Optiplex 760 which I purchased 2 yrs ago half the time would open when it wasn't supposed to, then it stuck shut and after about an hour with a paper clip I got it open and retrieved my CD.   Now the door won't close on its own and if I push it shut, its back to paperclip city.

This cd drive has NEVER worked right--half the time it spins and spins and doesn't ever FIND the cd.   I should not have to keep paying tech people to fix a computer I purchased as new.  

What the heck??


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