Code 19 Error on both my DCD / CD-ROM, Please help

Hello, HEre's the problem, today, both my DVD/CD-Rom were no where to be found, I had an exclamation point on the Primary IDE Channel, so I uninstalled and reboot, both DVD/CD-ROm show up, but have the yellow exclamation point and a Code 19 Error.   SO I did the regedit thing and took off the upper and lower filters, rebooted, aand the Primary IDE Channel had exclamation pint and the both DVD/CD-Rom drives are gone again.  Repeated uninstall and reboot and both DVD/CD-Rom appear with Code 19 Error. 

Found and tried Dells, E113 drivers fix and got a cannot initial :2815 error.

Please, any suggestions?  I've pretty much tried everything from the Regedit, unistall the drivers, add new hardware and Dell solution.  Just my luck, my warranty ended last month.  Please Help, here or e-mail me

Thank You!


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