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Corrupt CD/RW's

Hello and good evening!
I am having a heck of a time with 24X CD/RW's in that after backing up files after a tune-up, Windows One Care Live for example, after approximately 3-4 times I am prompted, "Unable to back up files.  CD may be corrupted, replace with new disk then press OK."
I have a Latitude D505 and it has a PC Card Slot and I am curious what it is for?   Conceivably, can I back up my files with this device after the tune-up or is the PC Card only for hard-drive backup or something else?
I should wait for a response to this question but I will prematurely ask some other questions.
1)  Would it be easier and more efficient to use DVD/RW's to back up files as then if I decided to burn DVD's I would not have to purchase both CD's and DVD's?  Secondly, are DVD's less prone to corruption?  The DVD is 8X.
2)  I have heard of a CD/DVD "cleaning" CD for the combo drive.  Would you recommend using this and if so what brand?
3)  I do have a 128MB Flash Drive but I do not know how to transfer files to this "E-Drive."
Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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