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Corrupt CD/RW's

Hello and good evening!
I am having a heck of a time with CD/RW's in that after backing up files,Windows One Care Live for example, after approximately 3-4 times I am prompted, "Unable to back up files.  CD may be corrupted, replace with new disk then press OK."
I have a Latitude D505 and it has a PC Card Slot and I am curious what it is for?   Conceivably, can I back up my files with this device including the entire hard-drive or is the PC Card only for hard-drive backup or something else?
I should wait for a response to this question but I will prematurely ask some other questions.
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DELL-Jimmy P
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Re: Corrupt CD/RW's

 The PC Card slot take PCMCIA cards, there are all kinds of devices that will fit into that slot. I think the easiest thing to back up to is a USB hard drive, CD's work but It will take a lot of CD's if you are trying to do a complete backup. As far as the problem you are having burning, if you can't burn CD's try changing the brand of CDR media you are using. If that doesn't correct it contact Tech Support.
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