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DVD Burner in XPS 420 is not spinning the disc anymore.

I have a Dell XPS 420 desktop with a DVD Burner, TSSTcorp HH SATA 16X DVD+-RW TS-H653B. The DVD burner does not spin DVD anymore, and I need your help in solving this problem. I would appreciate any help and assistance given to me.


It is a conventional tray-load DVD burner, made by Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology Corporation. Its features are as follow:

Supported read features: CD-R, CD-RW, DVD ROM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD+R, DVD+R Dual Layer, Mode2 Form1, Mode2 Form2, multisession, FP

Method2, RW, ISRC, UPC, RW SubDeint, PW LeadIn, CD Text.
Supported write features: CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD+R, DVD+R Dual Layer, stimulation, supports buffer underrun protection, Mode

DAO, Mode DAO 96 Packet Write, Mode DAO 96 Raw Write, Mode DAO 16, Mode RAW DAO, Mode DAO CD Text, Mode SAO, Mode TAO, Mode Packet Write, CD

Misc features: C2 pointers, Plays audio, Uses CDDA Cmd, Accurate CDDA, Lock supported, Eject supported, Supports separate volume, Supports mute separate.


A few days ago, I placed a blank DVD inside the drive tray, with the intention of burning the DVD. During DVD burning, I heard unusually loud DVD scratching sound from the drive. I did not suspect something amiss, other than the DVD being already spoilt before the burning process. The DVD were being spun and burned. When the disc burning program (CDBurnerXP) proceeded to "writing lead-out" stage to close the DVD, the disk drive did not spin the DVD anymore at all.


After a long time, it was still at "writing lead-out" stage. Thus, I just "ended task" the disc burning program and ejected the disc. I was shocked to discover that the DVD was severely scratched at its outer edge. Only then, I realized that I might misplaced the DVD on the disc tray, until it was misaligned. The damaged DVD is just a minor problem, since the DVD burner unable to spin discs is a far bigger concern. Now, whenever I place the DVD on the tray, the disc drive does not spin DVD at all, and thus my desktop cannot read the DVD. Hence, that rules out burning DVD as well.


Nevertheless, the optical disc drive is still capable of ejecting a DVD, either by pressing the eject button on the drive, or by right-clicking the drive and select eject.

So, how should I solve this problem, as well as getting my DVD burner to spin, read and burn DVDs as normal?

Any advice given is very much appreciated.  

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Re: DVD Burner in XPS 420 is not spinning the disc anymore.

Hi Alvinkhorfire,

It is clear the DVD burner is not working properly. In this case I would suggest you to try a few steps.

Please run some diagnostics on the DVD drive in order to sort out the problem. You can run the diagnostics using Dell Support Center. It may be installed on your system; if not, please install it from the link below and run Diagnostics on the DVD drive.


If the diagnostics fail, this determines a hardware failure and the DVD drive would need to be replaced. I am adding you as a friend; please accept my friend request and send me a personal message with the system Service Tag so that I can check the system warranty details and arrange for the repair accordingly.

If the diagnostics pass you can try out a few simple steps which should solve the issue.

Reset BIOS to defaults.

• Switch on the system and tap on F2 key on the Dell logo.

• You will enter the BIOS screen.

• Go to the Exit option.

• Reset BIOS to defaults.

    Update the firmware: Use the following ling to update the firmware of the DVD drive.


Do write back for further help.

Thanks & Regards,
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Re: DVD Burner in XPS 420 is not spinning the disc anymore.

Hi Alvinkhorfire,

You need a new drive. They are inexpensive and easily replaced.

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