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DVD Burner keeps rejecting blank disks

I have a DVD Burnier and have burned DVDs in the past, but now when I try, it keeps rejecting my blank disks.  It will burn CD's however.

I was advised to uninstall the driver and restart my computer, which I did, but the problem seems to have gotten worse.

I am using Memorex disks and have tried about 6 of them all with the same results.

I am using Windows Vista on a Dell machine that is about a year old.

Is there a test I can run?


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Re: DVD Burner keeps rejecting blank disks

Hi, Pete:

Please include the model of your Dell in your next post.

I'm going to have you start by downloading and installing DVD Identifier, link below. Run that with a blank DVD in the drive and tell me if the program is able to identify the media code for thos blank discs.

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