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         I have a Dell Dimension 9200 system with Windows Vista.  I tried to play a DVD today, but when it starts, the screen has a lot of coloured squares on it.  I can hear the DVD sound,but the picture just shows the little coloured squares.  These disc`s play okay on my Dell 8400 system.  I have also tried an external DVD drive, and when connected to the 9200 system, I get the small squares on the screen.  I have tried this external drive on the 8400 system and it is okay.  I am assuming that this is a software issue. The 9200 system is still under warrenty, does anyone have an e-mail contact for the UK for Dell, as all i can find is a telephone number.  Thanks


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Re: DVD Problem

Can't help on your UK info but I wonder if you have read thru the FAQ list yet to see what might apply to your problem?




Cheers, Dave

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Re: DVD Problem



Click the word Support in the upper right of your screen and log in to the main support site, then choose Contact Us, and you'll get phone, e-mail and chat options to contact tech support.

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