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DVD-ROM Drive recognizes CDs but not DVDs


I have a Dell R620 server who's disk drive won't recognize DVDs.  The DVD that I am attempting to use is a standard mass produced DVD (not a DVD-/+R).  It seems to load CDs fine.  

The drive is a TSST SU-108FB ATA Drive, and the system is using the standard windows cdrom.sys driver.  

We have other servers (Dell R610s) that are also using the cdrom.sys driver, although with a different drive.  They seem to load both DVDs and CDs fine, so I don't believe that its a driver issue.

Has anyone run into this issue before?



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RE: DVD-ROM Drive recognizes CDs but not DVDs

A spec of dust is blocking the DVD laser or the DVD laser has failed. Try a lens cleaning CD to see if it resolves your issues otherwise likely the DVD laser has failed and the drive needs replaced:

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