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DVD RW Not Writing

Trying to create a System Repair Disc. Running Windows 7 Home Premium on my Dell XPS 8500. It has a DVD+RW which will play audio and video discs, but I cannot get it to write to it.

Please advise

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RE: DVD RW Not Writing

Hi Duffdo2001,

Have you ever been able to write to a DVD disc? Would you please check device manager and locate the model number for me?

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RE: DVD RW Not Writing

I am having the same issue.

Using Win 7 Ultimate.  CD?DVD works fine with CDs and can read and play pre-recorded DVDs but will not see any Blank DVDs where they be -R or +R


Only drive for it that  I can find is dated 2006-06-21  version 6.1.7601.17514

I have been searching for a different Driver for my Dell D610 but no Luck.

I have 2 D610s, one running XP and the other Win 7.   DVD works fine on XP but not Win 7.  I have swapped out the Drives and no difference.

Please help

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RE: DVD RW Not Writing

Hi acamara,

Your drive cannot write to DVDs. It is a CD read/write drive but read-only for DVD discs.

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