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DVD can't be read, CD-ROM runs slow

HW: DELL-Latitude D800, DVD/CD-Rom Drive: Samsung CDRW/DVD SN324B

DVD drive is unable to start/read DVD's. Was no problem before. CD-ROM can be read, but performent a little bit slow. After putting DVD to the drive, Device is trying to read the DVD (appr. 1 min.), than it stop trying reading. No error massage, no reccognition in the explorer. As I said, in the past it worked.

HW or SW error?

Tahk you for yor support in advance!


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Run the Dell Diagnostics to test out your systems hardware.

Thank you for choosing Dell.

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Got the same problem, DVD device runs very slow,
I launched Dell diagnostic (F12) and it gave me a bunch of errors in a log,
So what ? My DVD rom still does not work !
What can I do to have it work,

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