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Dell Computer

Back in July 2011 I purchased a All-in-one 23" Computer.  This has been the worst computer all the computers I have ever had.  I have had a problem with the DVD drive since I have had the computer.  This is the third dvd I have had installed and this morning I tried installing a new program and it doesn't work again.  If this computer didn't cost me so much money I would have thrown it in the garbage.  The last time which is about the 4th or 5th time I talked to someone in India they charged me $205 because they said I had a virus.  I purchased their recommended virus protector McAfee and it didn't do its job.  I have tried contacting the corporate office and all they do is turn me over to India.  My old HP laptop which is five years old still works better than this one.  I would never recommend a Dell to anyone.  I asked a number of time as I cannot understand when they speak to me as I have a hearing problem and they say they cannot or will not do it.  How can remain a in business when they do not treat their customers with respect and service.  I am so angry that I cannot even say all that I want to.  SHAME ON DELL who cannot provide customer service for their customers with hearing problems and in the United States.  In one of the offices in India they employee 3000 workers. 

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Re: Dell Computer

Hi Anniefannie,

Wow, I'm very sorry to hear that. Let me see if I can suggest something to help with your DVD drive.

I assume you have Windows 7 as the operating system. Try this for me. Insert a data disc, such as a program disc, then go to Start, Computer. On the right side of the screen you should see the DVD drive like this:

Double click that drive and tell me if you see a list of files and folders. If not, please tell me what you see.

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