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Dell Inspirion 19T: optical drive replacement

I recently bought a new hard drive for the dell inspirion 19t touchscreen. After inserting the new hard drive, a message comes up saying no kernel sys. I ran diagnostics and found out that there is only one error and it points to the optical drive. Either way, I need a new one and I was wondering which would be compatible with the dell 19t. Is there anyway to be sure that this will fix the problem when I get a new one, and if possible, can you provide direct links to the compatible optical drive. The one that I took out of the computer says DVD writer Model Ts-L633. Also, I was not able to use the install disks after getting a new hard drive and I think it is because the optical drive could not read the disc.


 I already replaced the hard drive, and was unable to install the operating system. The error had something to do with the optical drive. The computer is apart right now so I can not check to see what the exact error is. I know for sure that I have to replace the optical drive, and was wondering which optical drive is compatible with a dell inspirion 19 t because the information on this type of computer is limited. I tried to post pictures, but  this discussion box requires 64KB and the pictures exceed 550 KB. The only information I have about the optical drive that I know is important is that it says dvd writer model TS-L633.

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RE: Dell Inspirion 19T: optical drive replacement

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