Dell Inspiron 6400 Hard Disk Problem


I have a Dell Inspiron 6400 with a 120GB disk - WDC WD12000BEVS-75LAT0 ATA Device purchased in January 2007 running Vista HP

A few days ago I had to use Startup Repair to startup windows. It said I had a hard disk problem. Eventually after several attempts windows started. I only had about 7GB free on the 120GB hard disk so I decided to Defrag the Disk. When Defrag completed I got the following message.

"Windows detected a hard disk problem.  Back up your files immediately and contact your computer manufacturer to either repair or replace the disk" There were then 2 option - Backup Disk or Ask again later/ IN further details it said the disk failing was the D:\C:\ and the disk name - WDC WD12000BEVS-75LAT0 ATA Device.

I backed up all the data that I could, except email from MS Outlook, which will no longer run. I then ran CHKDSK a couple of time with the fix file error option and scan for bad sectors optioon ticked. There were a lot of bad sectors - 30 MB I think. I still got the WIndows error message above after running CHKDSK, even though the log of CHKDSK said the disk was now OK. I also get it whenever I log on. In addition a number of programs will now no longer run including: MS Office 2003 programs including Word, MS Outlook and Excel; Performance Information in Control Panel; Photoshop etc. Most programs however are still work including Firefox, Networking, Windows Explorer, games, WIndows Media Centre etc

I assume I have had a hard disk failure that has already corrupted some files and that I am going to have to replace the the hard disk. In which case its seems sensible to replace the current 120GB drive with a larger one. I phoned Dell Tech Support and they said my Inspiron 6400 could take a 160GB drive and they quoted around £120 for an upgrade replacement. Looking on Amazon they seem to offer a possible replacement for about a third of that price for a WDC WD1600BEVS Scorpio Blue 160GB SATA 8MB Cache 2.5 inch Internal Hard Drive at http://www.amazon.co.uk/Western-Digital-WD1600BEVS-Scorpio-Internal/dp/B000Q85P10/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8...

Can anyone confirm if this drive will be a suitable compatible replacement for my current drive. If its not compatible can anyone suggest one that will be.

Thank in advance for yor help.



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