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Dell Latitude E4300 Hardware ID missing causing bluescreen

 I was fixing up an old laptop for my girlfriend, I downloaded all the drivers from Dells support site and proceeded to install them. Once I got to R227173 (DVD drive firmware update) the computer bluescreened. Now I can't even boot the thing up unless it's in save mode. Every time windows attempts to load normally, I see a flicker of a bluescreen and then it asks me if I'd like to boot up in safe mode.

When booting up in safe mode I get the error:

"Hardware Id Missing

Windows cannot identify the device plugged into the Intel(R) 82801HEM SATA RAID Controller.

For assistance, contact the hardware manufacturer."

Is there any way to fix this or have I permenantly screwed up my girlfriends laptop?

Maybe replacing the DVD drive?

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RE: Dell Latitude E4300 Hardware ID missing causing bluescreen

Sounds more like you have a failing hard drive.  Press F12 a few times at powerup and boot into the Dell diagnostics -- run an extended test on the hard drive.

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