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Dell MaxxAudio Setting

Hi, I am using a Dell Inspiron 15 5567 and reset it a few days ago. I noticed a pop-up appear when I plug in some earphones so I tried to find it. Turns out it was this MaxxAudio app that we get from driver updates. The problem is, when I installed a game, the audio seemed to have feedbacks and distorted sounds. I tried to search the net for some solutions, and found out that there is a possible fix, it is to disable the dimension and playback. Sadly there is no setting option when you open the MaxxAudio app. I also tried to find some fix on youtube and it is to go to control panel->Sound settings and disable the enhancements but I can't find the enhancement tab on my speaker property. Also, another is to go to dell audio settings which I can't also find in my pc. Please help!
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