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Dell Studio XPS 7100 Internal Hard Drive needs Help :-(

Dear Dell Friends,

So, I turned off my PC for 3 days because we went away.

When I finally turned my PC on, I can hear this motor seems like it's working too hard.

Then I saw a message & was given a choice to maybe fixing my PC by going back to factory settings.

My heart sunk because most of my Datas, I don't think they where all saved on an external hard drive.

I immediately, turn my PC off.

Was able to restart it normally even though I know any minute now that my PC will just arrest & might need CPR.

I am as we speak, transferring all my datas on an external hard drive.

My question is:

I was looking for a replacement for my hard drive, I went search at Dell's site, there are not better than what I got.

Any suggestions on what I can buy for my XPS 7100?

Thanks for your help.


Loreta :emotion-6:

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The Dell XPS 7100 supports any SATA internal, 3.5", 7200rpm, up to 2TB in size.

Check out the Western Digital and Seagate brands of HDs, also try to buy a hard drive, with a three year manufacturer's warranty.   Warranties can be from one to five years.



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