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Dell Thunderbolt TB15/TB16 cable issue

Hi, I have TB3 dock TB15 and it works great, but I got new TB16 and if I connect it to pc, so my laptop Latitude 7490 recognize low power supply (200W connected), power button works, but audio networking etc. doesn't working. I have all drivers, so I tried to switch cable from TB15 to TB16 and TB16 start working normally. On both cables shines LED on connector. I saw that the cables are little different. From TB15 has a plastic end to dock, but from TB16 has a aluminium cooler. Are there any differences, or any tips why that cable from TB16 doesn't working? I also tried to mount cable from TB16 (that aluminium end) to TB15 and the same issue. Dock is not recognized. I didn't see it in thunderbolt software etc... I have latest firmwares, drivers, bios etc.... Both docks working with older cable normally. Any tips?

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