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Dimension 4700 crashes when I insert CD-RW

My Dimension 4700 has recently developed a problem: Lately, when I insert a CD-RW that I've been using for backups with the Windows Backup Utility, I get a Blue Screen of Death as soon as I insert the disk into the drive. (I'm running Windows XP SP3, with NIS 2009.) If I remove the CD and reboot the system, things go back to normal -- until I attempt to use that CD or another one that was used for backup.

When the system crashes, the specifics of the message are: BAD_POOL_HEADER, followed by the Tech Info: *** STOP: 0x00000019 (0x00000030, 0x8A0D0148, 0x8A0D0160, 0x1A030001)

This seems to be a problem only with the CD-RWs that contain previous backups; I can put others in this same drive that just have data files on them, CD-Rs that have photo archives, audio CDs -- and they cause no crashes or BSOD, so it seems unlikely that the problem is with the CD-RW drive. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

(P.S. I'm running Windows XP Pro SP3 and have all the recent updates...I haven't added any new hardware or software to the system and never had this problem before).

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Re: Dimension 4700 crashes when I insert CD-RW

Hello, I am experiencing a similar blue-screen problem associated with a CD-RW drive. My home system is a Dimension 6400i with a Sony CRX-216E HH 48x32 CD-RW drive. I recently installed Windows XP Professional SP3. Now when I do anything that results in an access to the CD-RW drive, even leaving a CD in the drive when I reboot, then I get too get a blue-screen failure with the message BAD_POOL_HEADER. (I did not write down the remaining information about the blue-screen failure.) The driver for this
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Re: Dimension 4700 crashes when I insert CD-RW

No solutions I'm afraid, just a shared experience.

I have a Dell 2400 and recently started getting the same error message when using CD-RW.  Initially only happened when trying to burn from I Tunes, but not when burning photos; but now the blue screen 'bad pool header' error occurs as soon as a blank disc is inserted.

Could it be a windows upgrade we have all downloaded in good faith?

Read elsewhere that it may also be related to upgrading the RAM, which I did a few months ago, but the problem deffinately started much later.

Would appreciate a note if you find a solution.



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