Disk Drive May fail soon msg.

  Hi, I have a Dell Inspiron 530. Its roughly 2 years old. Lately there has been quite a bit of noise coming from the disk drive and having odd problems with the cpu.

Some of the problems are computer freezing up, windows not starting up and always losing internet connection.

I also recently started getting messages that disk drive failure is immenent, so i used the disk scan tool from the dell support center tool.

some of the results-


the SMART status information  indicates that the drive may fail soon.

A SMART attribute (id number 5) has hit or exceeded its threshold.

Error while reading sector 21113588

The test found 1 sector error.


Right now the cpu will start up and run fine sometimes. Dont have a lot of dough at the moment. Was wondering if its time to junk the cpu. Have the disk drive replaced or repaired.


ANy suggestions.????


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Re: Disk Drive May fail soon msg.

The processor (CPU) is fine.  It's the hard drive that is faulty and will need to be replaced.


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