Disk Drive not reading disks.

I have a Dell Inspiron 530s, windows vista.  When I put a disk into the disk drive the computer is not reading it.  There is absolutely no type of response given and when I go to 'MY COMPUTER'  the computer isn't showing that anything is in the disk drive and this happens with anydisk placed in the disk drive.  What could it be?

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Re: Disk Drive not reading disks.

Has this never worked, or did it just recently stop working? Is is safe to assume you're putting the disc in right side up or that you've tried using other discs (please don't hurt me! )?

It's hard to say if maybe a connector is loose and needs to be reattached, or if the drive has gone belly up and needs to be replaced.

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Re: Disk Drive not reading disks.

I don't bite.lol.  I have tried using multiple other disks and I am putting them in correctly but i tried to turn them the other way to be sue but still nothing.  It was working fine. this just recenly occured

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Re: Disk Drive not reading disks.


Look in the Device Manager .........

Start | Control Panel | System and Maintenance | Device Manager

Click on the (+) next to DVD/CD-ROM drives.  Right-click the drive and select Properties.
Is there an Error Code (number) present?  if yes, refer to the follow Microsoft article ...


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