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Disk Driver Error


I'm have a Vostro 3460. My laptop is restart many times with error 'Kernel data in page error',  'critical process die' .... 

I were called to Dell's support in my country. And he asked me test system with 'Diadnostic test' but at that time, this didn't have any error.
Then, i test many time and this have an Error Code is ' 2000 - 01 42' Msg 'Hard Driver 0 -  S/N....'

My service tag : <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy> .

Somebody help me!!



P/S: i'm reinstall my laptop Windows 4 times. But it's always restart when i use it... I don't know anyway to fix....

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Re: Disk Driver Error

Thong Tran

Error Code 2000-0142, indicates a failing/failed hard drive and you need to replace it.

If you have a Dell warranty in effect, you should contact Dell's Technical Support, in the country you reside, for a replacement hard drive.

No warranty. you will have to buy and replace the hard drive yourself.




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Re: Disk Driver Error

Hi Thong Tran,

Bev has correctly mentioned that this error indicates hard drive failure and driver needs replacement.

Please share the system information with me via private message (click my username and then click Start Conversation). I will review the details and share the further course of action with you. Please include the following information:

  • Service Tag
  • Owner's Name
  • Email Address
  • Contact Number
  • Best time to reach you

Please reply with the information, I'll be happy to assist you further.

Thanks & Regards
Saharsh K
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