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Double PBR & WINRETOOLS partitions

Hi everyone,

I have a Dell Inspiron 3521. Windows 8.1 (upgraded from 8.0).
Recently I upgraded DBAR to the latest version as it was suggested by the program. There was no problem there until it notified me to make a Recovery backup. All problems started at the point where I connected my external Hard Drive in order DBAR to create the Recovery Backup. Unfortunately, it failed due to an error that occurred and the process aborted. I tried that 4-5 times with different external HDs but didn't work.

I started looking online for suggestions to solve the problem which got me into more trouble trying to uninstall and reinstall DBAR. I realised that I could not reinstall DBAR to the latest version again because each time I tried for some reason it could not finish the installation and unistalled itself. So I ended up with the previous version of DBAR ( which I managed to reinstall on my system. 

After re-installing the DBAR ( I checked the Partitions on windows "Disk Management" and realized that WINRETOOLS and PBR partitions are shown twice on the Volume List and with bold titles below at the Graphical View.

How could I fix this? Is it going to create any malfunctions in the future? 

Thanks in advance for any help

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