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:^/ Drive D: Not Formatted....

:^/ I recently shut the lid of my Dell XPS M1210 laptop while Windows was shutting down. The next day, Windows reports that drive 😧 is unformatted, and invites me to format it. Why Dell designs their hardware to do this is unfathomable.

What tool exists to examine the disk, calculate the correct values for the corrupted data, and then replace it, without altering the files themselves? This is easily done on Amiga OS or Linux, but I am unaware of a Windows equivalent.

;^) Thanks.

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RE: :^/ Drive D: Not Formatted....

Hi Mr. Pseudonym,

The D drive would be what? A partition on your system drive or a separate HDD? What's the OS?

If you suspect a hardware problem with the drive, the first thing to do is run the Dell diagnostics on it to check its integrity. I would not try to recover any data before doing that.

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