Drive Fail: Return Code: 5

I have a DELL Optiplex GX620. I bought a brand new hard drive (ST325823AS), installed it, loaded the OS. Suddenly, I started getting BSODs. I removed all the memory and started putting them in, one at a time, with no change. I booted and ran the BIOS diagnostics for the HD. It said that the HD failed Return Code: 5.

It also said Reason Code: JJVT7B1H0F@

I'm wondering, has anyone ever seen this happen before. I simply believe that the HD is bad and have already initiated the process to return it. But, wanted to get input from other computer peoples. LOL...


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Re: Drive Fail: Return Code: 5

Hi Danix803,

It's a bad drive, as you've already guessed. Unusual to get a bad drive right out of the box but it happens.

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