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Error on Dells support page, wont accept post code

There is an error on the post code box on the above page it will not recognize relevant post codes just keeps asking "Please enter a valid post code"

Tried a few times but just wont accept it and I have been using this postcode for 18 years so I know it is correct.

Can anyone explain why this is happening I have tried many times but always the same error?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Hughill,

Please try calling Dell customer support in the UK.

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Thanks Osprey4,

I will tomorrow, I was just hoping that I could have saved time and did this through the website....



and they still havent fixed it.... well done Dell... Just bought an xps13 with top specs for 1600 pounds but sadly I have to send it back as the touchpad doesnt work properly....... amazing

Just to let everybody know, they still haven't fixed it.

Hi, I try to register my new xps and i get the same error.

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lol, I saw the same interface a day before yesterday when I was blogging <Non-public info removed>

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