External hard drive not recognized...

Hello, I hope someone has some insight to what's going on here...

I have a Dell Inspirion 1525 laptop running Vista. 

I use a USB hub (at least I think that is what it's called) that has my printer, keyboard, external drive all connected to it - which plugs directly into my laptop.  Every time I unplug my lap top and then plug it back in, my external hard drive is not recognized.  I always try to open iTunes (which is on my external HD) and it says "can't find original file" so then I open My Computer and the hard drive is not there...  I know the hub is working because my keyboard and mouse work just fine...  I also know my HD is working because if I reboot all is well - that said, I am not always able to reboot if I am in the middle of something.  It just does not seem right that if I walk around my office with my laptop and then plug it back in my external HD is not recognized.

In addition, not sure if you can help with this one but, every time I do plug in the hub my HP All-in-One (6310) ALWAYS re-installs itself - I have a feeling this is an HP issue but thought I would toss it out in case anyone may know of a solution.

Thanks in advance for any help. *By the way, be gentle, I am not a "tech guru" Smiley Happy


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Mary G

Re: External hard drive not recognized...

Some hardware should be installed directly in a usb port on the computer instead of a hub. An external drive is one of those. The other problem is similar. You need to keep the printer plugged into the hub or you have to use the "Safely remove hardware" icon to remove it. You can also do this with the external drive if you cannot keep it plugged in all the time. But plug it in a usb port on the computer itself.

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