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HDD Password Removal

Hi, recently i forgot my admin password to recover that i changed all passwords in set up-security-boot password, admin password, system password, hdd password. Now it is showing error for HDD password..!!!

Plz help me out for this problem. Model is Dell Inspiron N5010

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I cannot figure out how to remove the password to my HDD even when going into bios.  I purchased an Dell Inspiron N4110 model this week and put the password on  (long story) and now I want it off.  After going into the bios I cannot figure out how to do this and would greatly like to know how.  I have no desire to remove the battery to clear CMOS (if this indeed, works) so any help would be appreciated.  Searching google hasn't help much so I'm reaching out to Dell Support directly for this.

System Service Tag: <ADMIN NOTE: Service Tag removed per privacy policy>

Thank you very much!

EDIT: I went into bios, entered original password and pressed enter twice (leaving new/confirmation blank) and now it boots without a prompt!

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Hi Annie,

It is unfortunate that the HDD password is being prompted. Request you to follow the below steps:

(1) Turn on the computer.

(2) Keep tapping F2 key at the Dell logo, BIOS screen appears.

(3) Make a note of the system service tag.

Or check for the tag on the purchase invoice.

Once the system service tag is provided I will check and let you know what needs to be done.

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Hi CoopaTroopa,

I will be glad to help you. Request you to provide the error message that gets displayed when you input an incorrect password along with the hint code.

Do reply with your answers.

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Hello Kiran K,

HDD password reset

The Service Tag for Dell inspiron mini is [Amin Note: Service Tag Edited per TOU policy]. Unfortunately I cannot get the other info you asked. Mini has been thru a couple of owners and not sure of customer name, place of purchase of the computer, shipping address, email address and phone number of original owner.....thanks in advance for you help


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HDD password reset

Also Error message that  gets displayed when enter invalid hdd password is "HDD password invalidate press any key"  no codes are present


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If you can't contact the registered owner, return the system for a refund - otherwise, you're going to see the price you paid increase by the cost of a mainboard and hard drive.

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Hard drive BIOS passwords are of course meant for security, the data is locked down tight until you enter the correct password.

If the drive has a BIOS password set on it and you have forgotten the password there's basically two options.  If there isn't any unique data you could simply replace the drive and start over with the operating system installation, etc.

If there is unique data on it, like documents for your school/work or photos of the family, you should send it to Gillware, Dell's recommended data recovery provider.  They can typically get rid of the password and get you your data back.

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you can reach them at 877-624-7206.  Be sure to tell them you were referred by Dell.

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I need to remove a hdd password from a studio 1735. I'm not sure if this msg. is private, so please in box me for specific info. Thank you.

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Hi IndyRepairTech,

Please share the system Service Tag and Owner's Name via private message (click my username and then click Start Conversation). Also, share the exact error message if any that you get when it asks for a password.

Please reply with the information.

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