HELP!! DVD Drive Won't Read Discs Anymore

Help my Inspiron 15R SE (7520) Laptop has stop reading discs. It stop reading them a while back. I accidentally downloaded Advance System Care 7 and the thing stopped openning 8 apps (can manage without them). However while trying to fix that problem somehow my drive stopped reading discs. All my drivers are up to date and the disc just spins in the drive and then stops and the disc isn't read.

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RE: HELP!! DVD Drive Won't Read Discs Anymore

Hi Thesonicfan1997,

Based on your description of installing that bogus software, I'm going to assume this is a registry problem and not the hardware of your DVD drive. To fix the registry in Windows 8, follow the solution posted HERE.

If that does not help, run the Dell diagnostics on your drive with any data disc in the drive. If the drive fails to read discs during the read test, then it has failed and must be replaced. But I'm hoping that is not what's wrong.

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